Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Today the Word is silent. The only sounds that reach us from His crib are those of a baby suffering from the cold and the bitter sting of poverty. The Eternal Word does not speak to us on this day with words of His mouth. He speaks to us with the deeds of His poverty.

A few years hence, He will begin to speak, and when He does, it will be to draw all men to Himself. He will send men to preach His word to the nations. It will be the Great Commission: “Go and Teach All Nations. Command them to observe all that I have taught you.”

For indeed, faith comes from hearing the Word of God – Fides ex auditu. Before we can preach the Word, we must learn the Word, we must make it our own. We must allow it to transform us. But preach it we must, to all, to every man and woman and child in the whole world. All must enter the Church, the only true Church He founded in order to be saved – God is not a scoundrel to found several families.

On this day, let us resolve to conform our life more and more with that of the Incarnate God. Let us not seek any other way but the Way He has shown. Let us fearlessly speak the truth of Jesus to all those we meet. No, it is not enough to preach by example; we must also share the Word of truth. Fides ex auditu – Faith comes from hearing. If we do not speak it, who will?

Today, the Word is silent. He needs us to share Him with others. Many of those who should be His receive Him not. He came into His own and His own received Him not. But to as many as receive Him He gives the power to become children of God.

Fear not. The Almighty Babe of Bethlehem is with us. In His Name, let us be fearless. He will soon return in glory. Amen.


Virgin Child