Christmas Day

Today the Word is silent. The only sounds that reach us from His crib are those of a baby suffering from the cold and the bitter sting of poverty. The Eternal Word does not speak to us on this day with words of His mouth. He speaks to us with the deeds of His poverty. […]

Christmas Dawn

Each feast has its special grace. The grace of Christmas is first and foremost that of holy poverty, being divested of all created goods. Our Blessed Lord, the Master of the Universe and its Creator, had all things at His disposal, and yet He chose to put Himself in a position where created goods would […]

Christmas Night

Who is this Babe? He is the Eternal, Omnipotent Creator, who holds all things in His tiny hand. Where is this Babe? He is in a wretched stable for animals, in Bethlehem, that is to say, the City of Bread, for He will one day give Himself to us under the appearance of bread, just […]