What Happened To The Tree? And The Briers?…

What Happened To The Tree? And The Briers?…

By dint of hard work, the brothers have managed to get rid of the huge tree that had been left near the small house at “The Pearl”. A recent photo showed Father Prior with the chainsaw. Well, for the time being, Father Prior is out of work (or rather, the chainsaw is!, Father Prior never having enough time for the mountains of work awaiting him everyday…) The tree is gone, transformed into firewood, and the briers are gone, transmuted into ashes and smoke.

The brothers are seen here saying the office of None last Thursday, as they prepared to finish up their day’s work and head back to Lindisfarne.


It took a while to get the fire started, but we got there!


The only remaining resident at “Margarita”! (until the monks move in…)


Talking about moving in, Father Prior is here seen discussing possibilities with local builders and Martine Watkinson.