A Day That Will Long Be Remembered

A Day That Will Long Be Remembered

Wednesday 22 February 2017, feast of the Chair of St Peter, saw a crowd of 150 people make their way to a small, but exquisite neo-gothic church in the town of Colebrook Tasmania. They came to take part in a Solemn Mass of Inauguration for a new Benedictine Monastic foundation in Tasmania. The Solemn Mass was offered by Father Prior, Dom Pius Noonan, assisted by Fr Terence Naughtin who, in spite of a recent operation, was able to serve as deacon and Fr Glen Tatersall who served as subdeacon. His Grace Archbishop Julian Porteous attended in choir and was assisted by the Vicar General, Fr Michael Tate, and the Parish Priest, Fr Terry Rush. Many other priests and religious were in attendance, and faithful from all over Tasmania, and from as far away as Perth. A luncheon was offered by the young community in the nearby town hall, at which Fr Prior introduced the five candidates to monastic life and Archbishop Julian proposed a toast, asking many blessings upon Notre Dame Priory. More photos to come!


Archbishop Julian Porteous gives the homily at the Mass of Foundation.


Fr Prior expresses thanks at the end of the Mass.


Fr Terence Naughtin chants the Gospel.


Archbishop Porteous, Fr Prior, and some of the priests in attendance.


His Grace with Fr Prior, Fr Terence Naughtin and Fr Glen Tatersall.