Slowly but surely the small community of Notre Dame Priory is settling in. Our temporary accommodations in Lindisfarne are gradually taking on the appearance and atmosphere of a Benedictine monastery, with the sound of the bell punctuating our existence seven times day. The aspirants now each have their allotted "obedience", meaning their specific task within the community. This being so, the community will be on retreat next week, 12 to 17 March, allowing each of us some extra time of personal prayer and contemplation before we attack the big week of four first class feasts (St Patrick on 17 March, St Joseph this year on the 20th, St Benedict on the 21st and the Annunciation on the 25th.) The monks continue to pray the Litany of St Joseph each day, adding to it the Nine Memorares. With Our Lady and St Joseph behind us, we are confident that we will find the proper place for establishing our community. Thank you for uniting with us in prayer, and please spread the word!