Consecration Of Notre Dame Priory To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Saturday 13 May 2017 Centenary Of The First Apparitions At Fatima

Consecration Of Notre Dame Priory To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Saturday 13 May 2017 Centenary Of The First Apparitions At Fatima

O Virgin most pure, Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mother of God and Mother of each one of us. Thou who, at the Wedding Feast of Cana, didst manifest Thy maternal Heart, revealing to us the compassion Thou hast for all our needs, moving us to turn to Jesus, and commanding us to do all that He shall tell us to do.

Immaculate Daughter of the Father, who didst visit our earth a century ago at Fatima to warn us of impending dangers and invite us to return to God through prayer and penance.

Spotless Lily of purity, who dost call us to place ourselves under Thine Immaculate mantle, we come to Thee today, our Mother, our Queen, our Mistress. O Star of the Sea, Glorious Gate of Heaven, open to us the ways to Life.

In our lowliness, in our need, in our poverty, we come to Thee. Feeble members of the Mystical Body of Christ, brethren united in this house of prayer dedicated to Thee, invoked as the wonderful Lady of Cana, we present ourselves to Thee today as Thy children, and each one of us humbly, sincerely, affectionately and gratefully consecrates Himself to Thine Immaculate Heart.

Keep watch, Mother undefiled, over this community which looks to Thee for its guidance and sustenance. Protect it as a whole, that it may take firm root, in the place Thou hast chosen, in this land of the Southern Cross, that it may grow, blossom, prosper and bear abundant fruit for the glory of Thy Divine Son, and for the salvation of many souls.

Cast a maternal glance over each one of us here today, as well as over those whom Thou dost know will one day be among our own, and upon all our families, friends and benefactors. Guide us along the paths of profound conversion of life. Strengthen us to make reparation for the countless sins which offend Thine Immaculate Heart, in particular the public rejection of Thy Divine Son and His Kingship over society, the sins against life through abortion, euthanasia and contraception, the sins of impurity and immodesty which cause so much pain to Thy virginal Heart. Never allow any one of us to stray from the only way which is Jesus Thy Son. Never permit that we be separated from Him again by sin.

Lead us, o Mystical Rose, along the paths of sanctity, so that we may give forth in every place, the sweet fragrance of the virtues of Christ. Mother of Monks, give birth to many strong and holy vocations, help us to grow always in a life of continual prayer, self-denial and labour. Grant, O Mother of Divine Grace, Mediatrix of all God’s gifts, that our community may contribute to the conversion of Tasmania and to the reign of the Prince of Peace in our broken world. Light a fire in our hearts, a fire of love for Jesus, of zeal for the salvation of souls, an inextinguishable fire that will spread and set ablaze this land and all who dwell in it.

Lead us, with all those we hold dear and with the legions of souls we long to bring back to God, to that heavenly kingdom where, in the bosom of the blessed Trinity, Thou shalt ever be, after Jesus Thy Son, our life, our sweetness and our joy.