On this Sunday after the Ascension, the last before Pentecost, Holy Mother Church puts before our eyes two power images to incite us to renewed fervour in preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

There is first of all that of Our Blessed Lord in the glory of His Father, beckoning to us to follow after Him. Saint Caesarius tells us in a fascinating homily for the feast that since our Saviour has ascended into heaven, "then let us not be troubled here on earth. If our mind be with Him, we shall also be at peace here. Let us ascend with Christ in heart, and then when His promised day comes, we shall follow Him in body".

Then there is the image of the apostles gathered around Our Lady in the upper room, in prayer and supplication for the Gift of the Spirit. St Peter in today's epistle reminds us to be fervent and keep watch in prayer. But "ante omnia" (above all things) have mutual charity to one another, for it is charity which covers a multitude of sins. 

Let us therefore, with eyes fixed on Jesus the High Priest seated at the right hand of the Father, renew the fervour of our prayer, and even more importantly, strengthen the bonds of our fraternal love. For if the Holy Spirit finds us one in charity, He will fill us to the brim with His divine treasures. "At this will all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another".