Notre Dame Priory

A Monastery in the Benedictine Tradition dedicated to Our Lady of Cana

Of pilgrimages and vineyards

Over the weekend aspirants David and Matt were privileged to take part in the first pilgrimage organised by Archbishop Porteous from the historic church of St John's in Richmond to the equally historic church of St Patrick's in Colebrook. A good group of pilgrims joined the archbishop, including several religious sisters from the diocese. We are happy the Priory was represented at this event. The rest of us had our usual morning Mass in Colebrook before enjoying a Sunday afternoon walk in the hot Tasmanian sun. Today, we return to celebrate St Joseph and also hope to pay a visit to a couple of the wineries in the Coal River Valley. Fr Prior seems to be of the mind that we need nothing short of a good Tasmanian wine for the altar.... We shall see...