St Cecilia April Triduum

St Cecilia April Triduum

This month’s triduum takes place during the Easter Octave, an occasion on which we rejoice in the glory of our Risen Saviour. This is not a week for mourning and penance but for rejoicing with the universal Church.

It is an opportunity, as we continue to pray for the great intentions dear to us all, to remember that Jesus Our Lord brought joy to the world at His birth and again especially at the Resurrection.

The world needs that joy, but it must be understood that this is no ordinary mirth as when we are happy and content with ourselves. It is a supernatural joy that has a supernatural motive: we know through faith that the Son of God who gave His life for us is now in Risen glory and can never again suffer or die.

For anyone who has come to love Jesus, that is no small grace. It is this joy that allows us to persevere in our trials, knowing that whatever we may be still suffering in this valley of tears, Jesus has past beyond death and is beckoning us to come and join Him in eternity with Mother Mary and all the saints.

So as we celebrate this month’s triduum, we do so with confidence that He is listening to our prayers and that one day very soon His triumph will be made manifest to all!

Our community in Colebrook has an extra motive of joy in this year’s octave, with the ordination of a new priest, Fr Bede Mary Cannavo. Please for him and all of us on this joyful occasion.

The Lord is truly Risen, Alleluia!