Such are the first words of the first responsory for Matins on this first Sunday of Advent. Aspiciens a longe: looking from afar.  In the context it is the prophet who looks into the distant future and sees the might of God coming to save humanity. The entire Church is thus invited to give thanks for having in our possession the Saviour who for so many centuries was only known in promise and in hope. But we can also consider how it is God Himself who, from afar, from all eternity, has been considering His own plan of salvation. From all eternity, He has determined to achieve a certain number of things in our world, and what He wills comes to pass. It is consoling to think that He has, from all eternity, considered this moment in history where we set out on the adventure of a new monastic foundation. He has prepared everything for this moment, He has brought all things together, and His will shall be accomplished. Let us strive to be, in His Hands, the humble instruments of that Providence which is made known to us through Mary Immaculate, she who allowed God to come into the world by her Fiat and who taught us to have confident recourse to Him when she said to the servants: "Do whatever He tells you".