The Double Fiat

The Double Fiat


It has been often remarked that it is no coincidence that the day of Christ’s entrance into the world and the day of His leaving it are the same: 25 March. Indeed, it was on this day that the Incarnate Word was conceived in the womb, and it was also on this day that took place the first Good Friday (which incidentally is also the reason for which it is the feast of St Dysmas).

Just one brief thought for our reflection today. When Our Blessed Lady gives her consent to the angel’s message with the words: Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to thy word, she is placing herself totally and without reserve in the hands of God. This gift of herself was irrevocable. We can therefore compare it with the final vows of a religious. It is a resounding “I do” by which the Virgin gave God a free hand with her. In so doing she became the model of all consecrated souls.

We can be confident that Mary always lived out her Fiat in the most perfect way. Never did she deviate from it. Never did she take back what was given. Not even when that Fiat led her to Calvary with her Son.

And here we can see how blessed we are to contemplate this mystery on the eve of passion-tide. This afternoon we shall veil all the crosses and statues in order to enter into the mystery of God’s suffering for us. Let’s be sure to take Mary with us as we go beyond the veil. She knows the way and will lead us by the hand; with her at our side, there is nothing to fear: per crucem ad lucem.