Our Lord Jesus Christ offered Himself upon the Cross to redeem all men of every tribe, language, people, and nation (see Apocalypse, 5:9). He perpetuated His Sacrifice through the Holy Mass, in which His one and only Sacrifice to the Father is made present, and by which the faithful can unite themselves, their prayers and sufferings, with those of their Lord.

That is why, from the earliest times, the Christian faithful have asked priests to offer Mass for their intentions and those of their loved ones, living and deceased. By having a Mass offered, one offers to God the most perfect form of praise, adoration, thanksgiving and atonement which could possibly be imagined.

In asking the priest to offer Mass, one ordinarily helps support the priest by what is called a "stipend" or "Mass offering", which is usually a monetary participation in the needs of the priest and his community. One may offer more or less according to one's means, but the suggested minimum stipend in the Archdiocese of Hobart would be AUD $10 for one Mass. The offering for a novena of Masses (nine Masses offered consecutively over nine days) entails a more demanding obligation for the priest and community, and so the suggested minimum offering is AUD $150 for a novena.  

If you would like to request that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass be offered for your specific intentions, please fill out the following form.

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