Paradise on Earth

Palm Sunday The Christian life is of its very nature drawn in two directions that are easily opposed. The one is austere, based on the necessity we find ourselves in of imitating Our Lord, of carrying our cross behind Him to Calvary. The other is a jubilant celebration of the victory of God over Satan, […]

The Urtext of All Texts

Passion Sunday Last week we meditated upon those words of Our Blessed Saviour by St Luke: this is my Body given for you. In today’s communion verse we find it again, this time in the version St Paul gives in his first epistle to the Corinthians: this is my Body which will be handed over […]

My Body, Your Choice

10 March 2024 Fourth Sunday of Lent – Laetare This past week the world was profoundly saddened to learn that the eldest daughter of the Church, France that is, has inscribed in its constitution a woman’s right to abortion. What that means is that now not only is abortion legal in France, but that it […]

Of Dumb Dogs

Third Sunday of Lent In the opening verses of today’s Gospel we have a summary of the two kinds of reactions that men in every age have before the manifestations of the divine. St Luke tells us that the crowds were in admiration. The awe before the astonishing feat is one of the most natural […]

St Cecilia Triduum, March 2024

Saint Cecilia Triduum of Prayer and Fasting March 2024 Lent is the time par excellence for fasting and other forms of penance. It is also the time to turn our minds and hearts to Calvary. The first point we can consider is the great love Our Blessed Lord has for us. He did not have […]

No Reason to Despair

Second Sunday of Lent It was just a few weeks before our Lord’s passion and death. He takes with Him His three favourite apostles, Peter, James and John, and goes for a walk up the mountain. They leave behind the plain, the world, their friends and loved ones. And there in that solitude with the […]

The Great Temptation

First Sunday of Lent Each year, as we enter the holy season of Lent, Holy Mother Church invites us to turn our attention to our Blessed Lord as He spends forty days in the desert, fasting and waging war with the devil. Our Lord’s fast was total. He ate nothing during those forty days and […]

Rejoice with the Truth, not with Iniquity

Quinquagesima Sunday On this last Sunday before the beginning of Lent, Holy Mother Church wants us to be clear about the real meaning of penance. None of the acts of self-denial we might offer up serve any purpose at all if they are not animated by true love of God and neighbour, in other words […]

Let the Grain Die

Sexagesima Sunday The one who goes out to sow is of course Our Blessed Lord Himself. From the beginning of time, He goes out in every age to sow the seed of His Word, hoping that here or there, some soul might welcome it and allow it to take root in his soul. Sadly, most […]