Holy Land Journal

The church of the Dormition of Our Lady.

25 April, 2017 St Mark Greetings from Jerusalem! I arrived, safe and sound, but quite a bit exhausted after about 38 hours of travel. ¬†Upon arrival at Christmas Hotel in Jerusalem, I went in search of a place to offer Holy Mass. Fr John had suggested going to the Holy Sepulchre. But on the way […]

Why Me?

At the sea of Galilee

About a year ago, my good friend Roy Schoeman invited me to be chaplain for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Me? I must say such a grace always seemed to me to be a dream that would never be realised. And here I was being offered out of the blue a free pilgrimage on […]

Goodbye To The Holy Land!

Burning Furnace

Fr Prior has just completed a 12-day pilgrimage in the Holy Land and will soon be back at the Priory. Some photos and commentaries will be shared soon under the “From the Prior” tab.