Please find below a list of items which the monks need to complete their move to Jerusalem Estate. If you can help us with any of these things, please head to our Donate page to find out how. Please don’t forget to leave a message indicating where you would like your donation to be directed.

If you would like to make contact before making a contribution or you would like to help us with your time and skills please click the button below to send us an email.


Cells for monks

15 self-contained cells for monks. For the donation of the full cost of one cell ($10,000), you may have the cell dedicated to a particular saint, and the monk who lives, prays and works there will pray especially to that saint for you!

12 Feb - Two donated so far - St Therese of Lisieux & St Francis of Assisi

27 Feb - Two more! - St Joseph and St Pio of Pietrelcina

21 March - Two more - St Benedict and St Anthony of Padua

25 March - One more - St John Paul (the Great)

6 April - Two more - St Anne and Our Lady of Perpetual Help

13 April - and another - St Michael the Archangel

24 May - One more! - St Maximilian Kolbe

Chapel we are taking over from diocese

Disassembly of Chapel ($15,000). Donated 28 June 2019 - please pray for this kind benefactor!

Moving of Chapel ($25,000). For donation of full amount for this item, we will create a plaque commemorating your donation to be put at the entrance of chapel.

Duckboard Path from Guesthouse to Monastery/Chapel - $2,500. Donated 7 July 2019 - please pray for the numerous donors who pitched in here!


Rewiring of Old House - $12,000

Windows Renovation and Replacement for Old House - $22,000

Garage and Stables Renovation for new guest bedrooms - $24,500

Bethany Guesthouse

Lining and Insulation of Bethany Guest house - $16,000


Sewerage Connection and System - $45,000

Concrete Slab for Cars and Equipment - $8,000

Water Tanks….$12,500

Plumbing Costs.....$27,000

Water Rights

Access to 25ML of Craigbourne Dam water - $45,000