Christ reigns in hearts who are at peace. He reigns in and through the souls who allow Him to pursue His saving mission in them. He reigns where He is allowed to pursue His passion. He reigns unto the utter ends of the earth, wherever there are souls who give Him their lives, totally, without reserve, and who are ready to go anywhere and do anything to further that reign. His reign is a reign of truth: "For this I came into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Whoever is of the truth, hears my voice". That word concerns individuals, but it also concerns communities and societies on the whole. If we seek the truth, if we live in the truth, if we let ourselves be guided by the truth, then, and only then, does Christ begin to reign in us and through us does He extend His reign over the world.  And the opposite is also true: if we are not in the truth, there can be no peace in our hearts, and if our nations are not in the truth, there can be no peace among them. Let Him reign then, here and now, in our lives!